Play Chinese Whispers

Should I Apply?

We will be looking for unique Artists in London with integrity. You would have to be able to meet at a central location such as a Café five times over five Months to present the handover – dates of which will be set far in advance with some degree of flexibility for everyone. We would like to ask you to protect the work of each artist as if it were your own when it is passed on, with the alternative option to leave it somewhere safe once you have seen it. The works do not have to be anything you do not wish them to be, the only rule is that they are your response to the stimulus and within your most comfortable media form. Therefore we are looking for driven people who may be able to use the 5 Months wisely and realistically. It would be great to update us of your progress once or twice during the month. We will also love for each month to have a diary extract of your personal style and reflection of the experience at each point, to showcase along the work. This can be a short as a post-it note or even typewritten.

If this is you – answer these three questions and send them to

  1. Tell us all about yourself, your hobbies and life using the extended metaphor of an Animal, Bird or Insect.

  2. Describe your creative discipline and it’s journey from it’s first creation, latest projects and into future dreams. You must use the phrase ‘it hurt so much I cried’.

  3. Why do you want to play the Chinese Whisper Project? We mean REALLY?


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